Youth Night

We are looking for volunteers to bring this activity back, if you’re interested please let contact us.

Some of the games available are Super Mario Party on the Wii, Rock Band on the Playstation 2; the air hockey, pool table, and a foosball table; card games like apples to apples, catch phrase, and spades.

We plan to be opened after every home game.  During the past football season over 200 kids came by.

Thanks so much for all those who helped!  Be sure to thank the Clark Foundation members when you see them.  The grant we received from them bought the playstation 2, various video games and additional controllers (so more people could play at once) for the Wii game and the Playstation game units; various board games, some soda pop, two video rocker chairs, and lots of other “sweet” stuff that made the Outreach Activity Room a great place for teens to hang out!!

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