As the year is winding down I thought is only appropriate to recognize the volunteers that help keep Outreach going. On October 5 I hosted the Outreach Board, and the volunteers to a “meet and greet”. I felt the Board members needed to meet who was representing them in the different activities throughout the year and the volunteers needed to know who the board members where that they were representing.  Out of the 30 invited 24 were present and it was a great time. People were able to put faces to names and really feel connected.

As I was introducing everyone and telling what they did I realized wow, we really do a lot in a years’ time.  We are so fortunate to have Outreach and to be able to offer all the social and educational activities that we do to the community. The only downfall is there are so many more people in town that could become involved that don’t for some reason or other. Are you one of those? Stop in sometime and try us out, you may be surprised at what you find.

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