¤ You can help Outreach and help clean out your attic. Here’s a list of items we’re currently looking for.

¤ Volunteers

¤ Gift card for Incentives for Homework Haven Stores such as: Dairy Queen, Movie Theaters, McDonalds, Wal-Mart

¤ Grocery Store Gift Cards to buy food

¤ Cans of Pop (Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Diet Pepsi, etc…)

¤ Monetary Donations to assist with Planned Programs

¤ Computer software such as Word, Photoshop, etc need to be able to run on Windows XP or Mac OSX

¤ PC Computers running Windows XP or Vista; Macintosh G3 or newer for our computer lab.

¤ Wireless Router, Ethernet Cords, Long Cross Over Ethernet Cable

¤ Office supplies: pencils, pens, scissors, paper (writing and printer)

¤ DVD player

¤ RCA Cables

¤ Art Supplies: Please call before bringing. Items that we can always use: Scissors, X-Acto knives, brushes

For the computer lab

We’re looking to create a networked computer lab. This lab will be used to teach seniors the computer, mommy and me and how to write resumes and cover letters, and an open computer lab a few times a week.

To have this happen we need your unused computer equipment, to create the lab.
Items we’re looking for include:
Computers: Desktops and laptops that can run Windows XP, please contact me before bringing it in
Computer software we’ll take any you want to give away.
Wireless router-4 ports or higher.
Wireless USB Adapter
Ethernet cables
Keyboards/mice (ps2 or USB)
Flatscreen monitors (we have CRTs but would like to switch over at some point)
Network printer
Network harddriver/server
Projector for computer-for classes when the students need to see what’s going on, on the computer.
If you have any other devices that you would like please contact me before dropping it off.

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