Do you have some time on your hands? Say an hour or two a week? I have need of someone to clean the Outreach Activity room.  This would involve dusting, running the sweeper, mopping the kitchen and bathroom and emptying the trash cans.  This takes an hour to hour and a half a week. If you are interested please stop by or give me a call 309-928-9400.

Also I have need of drivers to take people to doctor appointments. If you would like help in this capacity please give me a call (309-928-9400) or stop by and let’s discuss this.  For driving you will be reimbursed for mileage by the RSVP of DeWitt County.    

As I mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter, I am wanting to have some “craft days” for the young ones in the community. If you enjoy crafts and would like to help let me know. Call 928-9400 or stop by and let’s talk. I am always looking for some ideas for crafts so if you have any get with me.

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