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Due to bad weather, ice, snow, cold etc that people should call Outreach to be sure scheduled programs are still going to be held before venturing out. The safety of our seniors is very important to us. 309-928-9400


Outreach has made arrangements with Show Bus to come to Farmer City and pick up passengers and take them to Clinton so they can shop for groceries etc. If you don’t drive or don’t drive out of town give outreach a call 309-928-9400 and sign up for a ride to Clinton.

For groceries you may shop at IGA or Sav a Lot. If you want to go Wal-Mart that is possible also. The bus will pick you up at your home and deliver you back there. This bus is handicap accessible so if you are in a wheelchair you can ride.

The first trip will be Jan. 25th and the bus will start pick ups at 9:45am and will leave Clinton for the return trip home at 1:00pm. There is a small fee ($5 for those over 60, those under 60 its $7) to ride the bus.   You must sign up for the ride and can do so by calling Outreach 309-928-9400. I need reservations by the 23rd if you would like to be picked up.  At this time we are planning on going twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thu. of each month. This is subject to change depending on your feedback , right now we are just trying to get it going. Again, if you want to go grocery shopping give me a call at 309-928-9400 and reserve your seat. If you want more information just give me a call.

His and Hers


On Sat., Feb. 3, the American Legion Joe Williams Post 55 in Farmer City will be serving their His & Hers Dinner starting at 5p and serving your choice of rib eye steak or chicken until 7p.  You may purchase your tickets at the door. The Legion is located at 755 Stensel Dr. and Rt. 150 near the fairgrounds on the north edge of Farmer City.  Carryout is available, either in person or call ahead to 309-928-3055.

Future dinners: Mar 3, Apr 7,


Whether you are a caregiver for a spouse, relative, or friend, this group is for you! The Caregiver Support Group welcomes anyone who is caring for an older adult and is in need of support from others in the community. All caregivers are welcome to attend to share their experiences, learn coping techniques, and to receive emotional support from fellow caregivers.

2nd Mon. of each month from 2-3pm at Outreach Ministries – 701 E. Clinton Ave, Farmer City

Cost: FREE!

For more information contact Wonea Garrett, Caregiver Advisor at (309) 661-6400.

This support group is sponsored by Community Care Systems, Inc., Outreach Ministries, and the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging.




Do you like to sew? Can’t sew but could cut out a pattern?  We will be making  Angel Gowns.

At Outreach in the near future (date to be decided) and welcome anyone interested in helping to give me a call at 309-928-9400.  Angel Gowns  provide comfort to bereaved families through the gift of a beautiful custom made gown for final photos and burial services.

Angel Gowns are made from donated wedding gowns so if you or someone you know would like to donate a gown please have them contact Outreach at 309-928-9400.

Help needed

Outreach is in need of someone to clean the activity room. This is a volunteer position and will require you to dust, vacuum, and mop three small tile areas. It takes an hour to hour and a half and is only required once a week. If you are interested just stop by and speak with Sharon or give a call to 309-928-9400.


We have several opportunities to exercise at Outreach for you to consider. One group is called FC Group Fitness. On  Mon. evenings at 5pm is Strength and Cardio with Danielle Harden, instructor; Tue. at 7:30 pm is Circuit Training with Annie Bowns ; and  Wed. at 7 (sometimes 7:20) is Beach Body Insanity live with Veronica Daughtery.

For more information on these you may contact Andrea Weedman on Facebook.

Farmer City Police

Please help the City address ordinance violations, such as illegal burning, by contacting the Farmer City Police Department at (309) 928-2111.  They will address these violations based on personal observation and citizen complaints.  In the case of leaf burning, with the wind and depending on the size of the fire, it can be nearly impossible to locate individual fires amongst 1,100 residences.

The Police Department will continue to identify ordinance violations such as nuisance properties, excessive weeds and abandoned vehicles, to name a few.  We seek the community’s cooperation in addressing these matters.  Please call the non-emergency number to report violations; we will not release your name.  Again, that number is (309) 928-2111.

Thank you for helping us keep Farmer City safe and clean!


Time change for Council meetings – now 6 pm

Beginning at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting on January 15, 2018, the meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. rather than 7:00 p.m.  The schedule of meetings will be as follows for 2018:

January 2 and 15

February 5 and 19

March 5 and 19

April 2 and 16

May 7 and 21

June 4 and 18

July 2 and 16

August 6 and 20

September 4 and 17

October 1 and 15

November 5 and 19

December 3 and 17

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact City Hall at (309) 928-3412.



As temperatures plummet, homes can become subject to frozen water pipes.  Extended cold weather increases the risk of watermains or service lines freezing.  Residents should consider running their water to prevent frozen pipes.

* Run the cold water at a rate of one gallon every four minutes – about the stream width of a pencil

* Keep your drain clear of debris to prevent overflow or flooding

What’s my

* Frozen lines from the water main though the B-box are the responsibility of the City

* Frozen lines from the B-box to the home are the responsibility of the homeowner

If the pipe freezes, the property owner may call the Water Department to thaw the pipe at (309) 928-3412.

During regular business hours, if the blockage is the property owner’s responsibility, he/she will be billed $150 flat fee.  If the blockage is determined to be the City’s responsibility, the fee will be waived.

Outside of regular business hours, for property owner liability, residents will be billed at Water Department billing rates plus overtime.  The charge will be waived if its determined to be the City’s responsibility.

The Water Department will make reasonable efforts to accommodate all requests for thawing in a timely fashion.  If the Department determines that they cannot respond reasonably, or available equipment is not suitable, the City may authorize the property owner to contract with another party to thaw the pipe.  But the City will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from pipe thawing attempts by a contractor.

Remember – once a line freezes, and has been thawed, it is essential to keep water running continuously.  However, the City does NOT give a discount for the water used if you let your water run, but allowing it to drip, at the very least, could be your best insurance against frozen pipes.

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