Once again Outreach will be selling Fruit and meat and cheese selections for the upcoming Christmas season. This years sales with start Oct 6 and end Nov. 28. With delivery the second week of December.

If you have ordered in the past you know how wonderful this fruit is. We have great success with very little spoilage upon delivery.  As we check in the fruit we personally check each box for spoilage and if we find something that has spoiled we take it out and replace with extras that we have ordered to correct this problem. As I said we have very little and usually end up with extra fruit to sell because we haven’t had to replace anything.

These fruit boxes and meat and cheese selection make great gifts, especially for those hard to buy for people on your list. Another thing I like about the fruit is that it keeps for a very long time. I keep mine in the fridge and have had oranges last until the first of March.

If you like pears, these are wonderful! I have a thing about texture in my food and these pears are not “grainy” like a lot of pears.

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