Computer Center

The Outreach Computer Center provides general access to computer technology for youth, senior adults and residents in the Blue Ridge School District.

Your experiences with the Computer Center will lead to a greater understanding of computer technology.



Would you like to assist at Outreach’s Computer Lab?

The Outreach Computer Lab is looking for volunteers to help in the lab and to teach classes.
We can also use donations such as monetary and gift cards to help fully supply the lab. We are currently looking for these items if you happen to have any you would like to donate.
• Laser printer with ethernet hookup, ink jets are nice but cost too much in ink for a lab.
• Windows 2000, XP or Vista, prefer full versions, but will take upgrades. This will allow us to install Windows on the Mac Minis so people can choose to use a Mac or Windows.
• Software for either Mac or PC. Because of copyright rules we have to keep the full installation disc, and you should have it un-installed off your computer and any backups of the software destroyed.
• Ethernet PCI card or a USB to Ethernet bridge to install on the grey PC so it can connect to the network.
• Printer paper

If you have any items you would be interested in donating please leave a detailed description with the lab monitor or email me at You can get the email address from a business card from the Lab Monitor.

This room was furnished by Illinois Prairie Community, Exelon, and the Thomas Frasier Clark Foundation

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