CG2014By Sharon Stiger
Director of Outreach
It is hard to believe it has been a year since Outreach started putting together a Community Guide for residents and visitors to find out what is going on in our town Farmer City and what services there are available.  We have worked hard to improve this year’s guide with more information on events, clubs, and organizations to keep you in the know and also answer questions you may have about who to call when you need help with something.  We like to hear what you think of our efforts so please let us know. It is however, always possible that an event or time schedule can change at the last minute so we have also tried to list contact people and numbers for you to double check before heading to an event or meeting if you have any doubts about it.
Another way to know what is going on is to watch the message board at Outreach.  We list events as much as possible to keep the public informed.  Of course we do miss things because we don’t always know everything.  We encourage groups and individuals to contact us so we can put your information on the board for others to see.
I hope that with the added information in this year’s guide we can boost attendance at community events and really get some good support for all groups holding events.
Outreach continues to try to have something for everyone and offers many opportunities for people of all ages to socialize.  We offer Bingo on Monday afternoon for seniors, movies on Thursday afternoon for anyone, gentle stretching exercise on Wednesdays, family game nights on the second Saturday of the month, make-it-take-it classes, craft/quilting, knitting/crocheting, and of course our Christmas Shop is always a big hit in December.  A schedule of each of these programs is listed elsewhere in the guide. We have an activity room which can be used for birthday parties, wedding/baby showers, or just a family get together. We offer pool, Wii, Air Hockey, Foosball, card games, and board games. We also have a computer lab for your use to check email, research, to play games, homework, or job search. If you are interested in any of these things you can call 309-928-9400 for more information on joining an activity or to schedule the room for your use. We would love to hear from you or have you stop by sometime to check us out.

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